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What is most important to you in life? Your family? Your career? Your health? Your spirituality? Your emotional well-being?
The fact is, all of the above is important. If you have a great family life but you have no money – you’ve got a problem. If you have a successful career with loads of money but your health is poor – you’ve got a problem.
I often hear people give the advice about finding a “balance” between these important areas of life. Like finding a balance between work and family or work and health for example. I think this is bad advice and a misuse of your mind’s focus.
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Remember, whatever your mind focuses on, you will begin to attract. Asking someone to find a balance pre-supposes that the solution is mutually exclusive. Meaning you can’t have one without the the other. It assumes that the important areas in your life have opposing forces and you need to find a compromise in each of them. This is wrong.
What if, it was possible for your to spend time with your family while growing your career, taking care of your health, developing your spirituality and all the while feeling emotionally fulfilled about it? Is this possible? Of course it is! But you will never find it if you are looking for “balance” instead of “congruence”.
Think about the analogy of a space shuttle blasting off into space. In the beginning, about 90% of its fuel is required to escape earth’s gravity – the opposing force. Once it leaves the gravitational field, the shuttle disposes of 90% of its cargo and the rest of its space flight is virtually effortless. This is when “congruence” is achieved. There’s no more resistance.

“Congruence” means to align your thoughts, words and actions towards ONE goal. That ONE goals is the ultimate dream life that you want to live. The life where your relationships, career or business, your health, your spirituality and your emotions are completely aligned together and supports each other. The analogy is like using a magnifying glass to focus the energy of the sun into something powerful in your life.

So think about what your ultimate lifestyle is like. Your choices will be different from everyone else’s. Write it down in detail. Visualize an outcome where all the important areas of your life are mutually supportive of each other.
Then focus all your resources to begin creating it. Although it may take some effort and time to achieve congruence, it is well worth the effort. Having congruence makes your life a joy. It’s effortless. Just like that space shuttle breaking free of gravity.

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